A Filling Can Often Be Used to Repair a Small Area of Decayed Tooth Enamel

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A small area of tooth decay, more commonly referred to as a cavity, can be detected during your regular dental checkup with your dentist at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates. However, if you notice a change in texture, sensitivity or pain in a tooth, you shouldn’t delay in setting up an appointment to have it addressed. Left ignored, the cavity could turn into a serious problem. If it is caught early, Aesthetic Dentistry Associates’s dentist can simply repair the cavity with a standard filling.

One of our dentists, Drs. David K. Umansky, Christian Nino, or Naila Zafer, will start by examining the tooth and taking a few X-rays. This will help to assess the extent of the decay and ensure that the pulp and root of the tooth are healthy.

Next, our dentist will discuss your numbing options. Most people choose to have Novocain injected into their gums to numb the area. Then they will remove all of the decayed enamel leaving behind a clean healthy surface to securely cement a filling to the tooth’s appearance in your smile and its primary function in your mouth will directly influence what material the dentist recommends for your filling.

If you suspect that a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you should not delay in contacting Aesthetic Dentistry Associates’s office in Humble, Texas at 281-446-4700 to have it treated as soon as possible.  Drs. David K. Umansky, Christian Nino, and Naila Zafer are always ready to help you restore and maintain your healthy smile!