Answer Your Questions on Cosmetic Dentistry

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How would you rank the condition of your smile? Even if you have optimum oral health, your smile may be in need of a makeover to improve the look or appearance of your smile. This is because nature doesn’t always give us an exact look we hope for. Fortunately, there is an entire branch of dentistry designed to cosmetically enhance your smile. With a cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can rest assure that your teeth will be given the beautiful sparkling look you desire.

Enhancing your smile also means never giving up on it. Even if you have suffered an oral accident or injury in the past or have severe dental damage to any of your teeth, they can be effectively restored and repaired and visually enhanced. If you are in need of a visual enhancement, consider a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Not only can dental crowns visually enhance the look of a tooth, but the teeth are also protected on all sides. Similarly, dental veneers are permanently affixed to the fronts of teeth. If you have suffered surface stains or other minor forms of damage to the surfaces of a tooth, dental bonding treatments can be used. If you wish to only approve the color of your natural smile, teeth whitening treatments are a wonderful option to consider.

Enhancing your smile through a cosmetic dentistry treatment option is extremely important if you are missing any teeth. The keys to a beautiful smile begin with complete smiles. To replace any missing teeth with a durable tooth prosthetic, consider a tooth replacement treatment such as a dental implant, a dental bridge, or dentures. Whereas dentures are highly effective options for replacing as many teeth as you need with temporary alternatives, dental implants and dental bridges are extremely durable prosthetics that are permanently affixed into your mouth.

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