Brush Your Teeth Each Day

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Many people let their oral health go neglected. As a result, they end up with costly and painful situations that arise that could have been avoided. Brushing your teeth can help your oral health stay healthy and strong. To help you understand more about brushing, our team here at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates in Humble, Texas, is happy to give you some knowledge on why brushing your teeth is so essential to your health.

Brushing your teeth is vital for your teeth and gums and should be done at least twice a day, for two minutes a day. This will work to keep food particles from nesting in your teeth, so cavities can be avoided as much as possible. Flossing can also work by reaching between your teeth and deep along the gum line to also protect the hard to reach places your brush cannot reach.

It is important to recall your toothbrush should be changed every four to six months at least. Bacteria can settle in your toothbrush, making it extremely harder to keep your teeth clean. Also, by replacing your toothbrush at the first sign when the bristles become too frayed, you are helping your oral health stay in top-notch condition. Frayed or worn bristles can’t clean your teeth as well as fresh bristles on your toothbrush can.

If you don’t brush and floss regularly, you could be putting your smile at risk for gum disease. If gum disease occurs in your body, you could experience things like persistent bad breath, tooth loss, red and bleeding gums, and even bone loss can occur in your jaw. That is one of the many reasons why brushing is so important to do in your daily routine and in your everyday life.  If you have more questions about your oral health or feel it’s time for a dental check-up, please call our office today at 281-446-4700 to set up an appointment with Dr. David Umansky. Our friendly team is always ready to assist your oral health care needs in any way we can.