Digital X-Rays

X-ray of TeethDental technology enables our team at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates to monitor your oral health and detect dental problems early on, ultimately helping you avoid more complex treatments and maintain a healthy smile. While dental X-rays have been used for many years, Dr. Umansky utilize digital X-rays because they emit less radiation and provide you with a safer treatment.

How Digital X-Rays Work

Digital X-rays come in a variety of systems, but all are effective in detecting dental problems and monitoring your oral health. No matter which system our dentist uses, the process if getting your X-rays taken is simple, quick, and painless. While digital X-rays emit less radiation than traditional X-rays, our dental team will still place a protective bib around your upper body to protect you from any unnecessary radiation exposure.

The process of actually taking your X-rays takes only a matter of seconds. You will either insert a small receiver inside your mouth, or you will stand for about 30 seconds while the X-ray machine rotates around you. With your X-rays, our dentists can see individual dental problems, such as tooth decay, or more encompassing issues, such as impacted teeth, wisdom teeth placement, jaw alignment, and more.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

There are several benefits to using digital X-rays as part of your routine dental care. These benefits include:Women getting teeth x-raid

  • 90% less radiation emitted than traditional X-rays.
  • Instant results that our dentists can review during your appointment. No need to wait for your X-rays to develop!
  • High-resolution images to catch even the smallest sign of dental issues.
  • Ability to quickly and easily transfer X-rays and dental records to other health professionals.

Getting Started

Digital X-rays are a part of your routine dental care to help provide you with a more comfortable and convenient dental experience. If you would like to know more about how our dentists use digital X-rays in Humble, Texas, we invite you to contact our practice today at 281-446-4700 and speak with a friendly member of our team.