It Might Be Possible to Repair an Area of Dental Attrition with a Dental Filling

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Dental attrition is a condition that can occur when uncorrected alignment issues allow one of your teeth to wear excessively on another. As this continues to occur the tooth enamel on the vulnerable tooth can wear away leaving it prone to new areas of tooth decay or a significant dental fracture.

Without professional dental care at Dr. David Umansky’s dental clinic, the area of dental attrition will continue to spread causing increasingly severe complications.

With early detection a small area of dental attrition might be treated with a dental filling and a dental contouring treatment.

The process starts with Dr. David Umansky using a drill to prepare a sufficient surface for anchoring the dental filling. This calls for removing an additional amount of tooth enamel around the compromised area. The material Dr. David Umansky uses for the dental filling will be based on the tooth’s location and its visibility in your smile.

A composite resin dental filling can be shaded to match the surrounding tooth enamel. This makes it a good choice to repair an area of enamel attrition on a tooth that appears in your smile. Amalgam dental fillings are made from a blend of dental grade metals. This type of dental filling has a reputation for being durable enough to repair dental attrition on a molar or premolar.

Once the integrity of the tooth has been restored, Dr. David Umansky might use special tools to make minor edits in the tooth that caused the problem. This might call for removing a small amount of tooth enamel from one of the surfaces to prevent full contact with the repaired tooth.

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