Make Over Your Smile With Dentures

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Would dentures be successful in making over your smile? These removable tooth replacement appliances can fill the large or small gaps you have so that you can enjoy a functional smile and easy dental care. If only a few teeth have been lost, we can provide partial dentures tailored to meet your dental needs, but if you require a full arch of artificial teeth, complete dentures may be more appropriate.

Whatever your dental desires may be, our dentists, Dr. David Umansky, Dr. Farmer, or Dr. Umansky, can help you determine if dentures will suit your preferences. The astonishing benefits of dentures include:

– Filling spaces or voids caused by missing teeth that can otherwise allow bacteria to grow and begin to destabilize the gums and loosen the neighboring teeth. One of the uses of dentures is to prevent bacteria cesspools and drifting teeth.

– Improve the functionality of speaking and chewing that are commonly affected by missing teeth.

– Restoring your smile with a more youthful structure so that missing teeth can’t cause your face to look much older than it is.

– Enhance and stabilize your facial structure regardless of how many teeth need to be replaced.

– Easily removable for repairs and replacements.

To discuss your options for dentures in Humble, Texas, with our team at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates, simply call 281-446-4700. We look forward to enhancing your smile!