What is Zoom! Whitening?

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Zoom! whitening treatments are tooth whitening treatments given by a dentist in the dentist office for effective stain removal. Zoom! whitening can bleach away deep stains and discolorations that affect your teeth. With the guidance of a specialized gel and light source, your teeth can be whitened easily and effectively. Listed below are a few important notes regarding Zoom! whitening:

– Zoom! whitening kits use a hydrogen peroxide gel that can enter the tooth enamel and remove and eradicate deep stains within teeth without damaging the tooth.
– A standard Zoom! whitening procedure only takes about an hour and can noticeably improve the color of your smile in a single session.
– Zoom! whitening is effective on a variety of stains and discolorations that can occur. This includes stains brought on by bad habits such as smoking or products that stain your teeth such as wines and coffees.
– Zoom! whitening can remove discolorations to teeth that occur naturally over time.

As with all teeth whitening treatments, stains can come back, so protect your teeth from further damage and discoloration after using Zoom! whitening treatments.

If you would like a Zoom! whitening treatment from Dr. David Umansky and our team at Aesthetic Dentistry Associates, please contact our dentist office in Humble, Texas, by calling us at 281-446-4700. The path to a healthy smile starts today!